Valorant New Agent a hacker? Is this a rumor or it’s actually happening

Valorant New hacker agent
Credit: Valorant

Valorant New Agent a hacker? Is this a rumors or it’s actually happening. We still don’t know but rumors are spreading that the new agent could be a hacker.

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Valorant new agent a hacker

The reason why people are suspecting that the new agent 17 could be a hacker is, recently valorant is posting lots of Raze related posts. That makes no sense. Lots of players suspecting that valorants varified account has been hacked by this new agent. But as we said it’s just a rumor. Their are no official announcement or leaks about the new agent.

Credit: Valorant

However if they are planning to come up with a agent that can use hacking abilities it will change the game. These kind of agents can hack to other devices like cypher traps, Raze boom bots etc. Their could be a chance that this agent can steal other agents abilities or ultimates. It is just a prediction.

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There are lots of agents that can use hacking and stealing abilities. Rainbow six siege has Dokkaebi. Dokkaebi can hack to drones and cameras. Dota 2 has Rubbick. Rubbick can steal other heros abilities and ultimates. Based on these characters valorant could come up with a agent that can use similar kind off abilities.

There could be another theory that, valorant devs are trying to nerf or buff raze. It is just a theory. We are not sure that what’s happening but The new agent theory or rumor could be right. For that we need to wait for the game officials to talk about this subject. Otherwise we can’t be sure that valorant new agent a hacker or not.

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The previous agent 16 of Valorant was Astra. She can control Gravity that was a completely a new concept in the game. If Valorant devs comes out with a agent that possess a hacking ability that will be a new kind of agent in valorant. The first ever agent that will have a hacking type ability. So guys don’t be excited because its just a rumor that valorant new agent a hacker. Stay tuned with us for further information.

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