Valorant New Agent, Battle Pass, YR1 Event Full Details And More

Valorant New Agent

Valorant New Agent and many more have been released and included in the new patch notes of Episode 3, Act 1 which includes items and updates.

Valorant has just recently dropped out their new patch notes of Valorant Episode 3 Act I. It includes the new agent KAY/O, a Give Back Bundle go, Battle Pass, and YR1 Event with much more exclusive content!

Valorant New Agent Details

Firstly, let us talk about the Valorant New Agent, the latest heavily robotic suited agent, on the Valorant roster called ”Deadeye”. Apart from living to its name, the new agent is like a machine of war/tool which specializes in destroying the enemy’s Radiant with its special ability ”Flash/Drive” (an ability where the agent spawns a flash grenade which he later throws/aims, immobilizing the enemy for a few seconds).

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Give Back Bundle

A type of limited-edition navy-black weapon skin based by the community’s favorite available from June 22 to July 8th, 2021. Purchase the bundle now and players will be able to access 50% of the weapon skins and 100% accessories in the bundle.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 Content

The new Episode contains exclusive and brand-new items such as the Jigsaw Ghost, The Key To Ancient Mysteries Gun Buddy by unlocking the new battle pass tiers to achieve.

Or buy the Premium Track, K/TAC Vandal, Jigsaw Bulldog, Clutch/Kick Spray through VP.

Updates Of Competitive

  • Rank Rating System has been updated in the game
  • Placements have now been allowed for players up to Diamond 1
  • A brand new Season of competitive

Account Leveling

A new type of system has been applied and operated which allows players to get rewards or recognization of the amount of time that the players put in the Valorant Game modes. This new system displays a digit number on the player card according to the amount of time they spend. Quite an amazing and interesting Feature if you ask me.

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Fortunately and miraculously, YR1 players have loads of good news such as – two weeks time limit to collect the items and other stuff in the YR1 Event Pass like the Episode 3 PLayer Card, Gun Buddy, wweFest and also the Squad Boost, where players can earn loads of XP with their respective squads..

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