Valorant New Agent Leak Goes Viral But Wrong

Valorant New Agent Leak

So a new character is coming in Valorant, right? Talking about Valorant new agent leak, yes, many will come but not this one that you are looking at below. When the character was leaked, everyone was surprised. This is because the character looks amazing. But guess what? This is fan-made art! It is like when a fan-made looks cooler than the actual game character and everyone gets excited.

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We cannot mention the character as an agent as it is only a fan-made art. In other words, you can say a concept art. The character art looks like agent Jett. We all know about the jett’s ult which is throwing knives. In other words, the concept drawing is more like a male version of Jett. The second picture of the character is like when he is with his full power and in ultimate mode.



His suit gets a long sleeve and he gets his hoodie. The color that is glowing is cyan color and the gleam of the color is such amazing. The looks of the face with such a dress up including shoes give him a bold look. So a great looking Valorant character has arrived but not in Valorant game.

Certainly the character got viral because it looks so elegant. The face that the artist made with hair and mustache on the face is really excellent. What about you? Would you get more hyped if you get this character in the game? To me, it looks freaking amazing.

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