Valorant New skin bundle- Infantry. It’s looking great and has a world war-2 vibe

Credit: Valorant News

Valorant New skin bundle- Infantry is coming to the game on 18th March. It’s looking great and has a world war-2 vibe in it. This Bundle contains Ares, Guardian. Ghost, Marshall and Spectre. Each skin can be purchased with 875VP and the whole bundle will be available for 3500VP

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Valorant new skins are always good to see. As a famous FPS (First Person Shooting) game this game is doing a great job. They are coming with new concepts in skins and this time they came up with a world war 2 style skins. These skins are looking great and it will be awesome to play with them. We are not sure that these skins have any extra effects or not but the outlook of these skins is very beautiful. Players will love these skins and they are cheap also. It will cost only 3500 VP for the skin Bundle. If someone wants to buy only 1 weapon skin they need to pay the only 875VP for each skin.

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Valorant always comes with a unique concepts when it comes to weapon skin. This world war inspired skin is sure great. So players out there be ready because this valorant new skin bundle is dropping tomorrow on 18th March. Stay put and enjoy these new skins. There will be some changes coming on the next update also. Stay tuned with us for the latest news of the game.

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