Valorant New Skin Bundle- Tethered Realms and Minima, Both skins Look Awesome

Credit: Mike valorant leaks

Valorant New skin bundle- Tethered Realms and Minima. Both skins are looking awesome. These new skins will be released in the next update or when we still don’t know yet.

Valorant New skin bundle- Tethered Realms

This new skin Tethered Realms is inspired by the latest Forsaken bundle and sovereign bundle. This new skin shows the origin of sovereign bundle and forsaken bundle.

Credit: Mike valorant leaks

There are transparent background images from where forsaken and sovereign came from. players can see the forsaken and sovereign world on their skins.

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Forsaken bundle has Vandal, Ghost, Operator, Guardian, and a knife skin. Tethered Realms knife is the first double wielding knife of Valorant.

Credit: Mike Valorant leaks

However, only the person who has this skin can see the second knife. Others can only see the sword. Because valorant developers don’t want to confuse other players because it can be distracting.

Minima skin bundle

Credit: Mike valorant leaks

This new Minima skin is so simple yet it is really good if you play with these. This bundle is really unique also. Because no other previous skins are so simple yet beautiful as this one. Minima skin bundle has Phantom, Ares, Operator, Spectre, and a Sheriff skin.

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Valorant New skin bundle Tethered Realms and Minima are both really great. We still don’t know that these skins are coming with a Replication update or not. They didn’t announce the date yet. Stay tuned for more news.

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