Valorant Patch Notes 2.07, Date, Details, Agents Buff/Nerf And Much More

On 13th April, Valorant has bought us amazing patch notes regarding Astra and Raze along with several fixes of bugs and glitches.

Valorant Patch Notes 2.07 has just been released by the team, featuring changes in the abilities of the Agents Astra, Raze and other Agents also. Along with several bug fixes, glitches and other changes that have been done in the game. Below are the full details of it

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Astra Massive Changes In Her Abilities

The team has done quite the changes to the abilities of the Agent, Astra in Valorant Patch Notes 2.07. To balance her power and to make her more stabilized, stronger the team have done 2 changes to her ability, Gravity Well. Such as:

  • As we know that Gravity Wall is one of her best abilities and an amazing ability where the opponent gets attracted in this ability. But, however, it did not affect the Agents who defuses the Spike. But now in the new patch, this have been fixed and players can now finally use this ability against Agents.
  • Also the defuse will pause/stop if Agents are pulled outside of the range due to Astra’s Gravity Well.

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Raze Changes In The Abilities And Others

There are two main changes added to the Agent Raze in the new Valorant Patch Notes 2.07. And they are:

  • Usable changes have been added to the Raze’s Blast Pack. Previously, when Raze mains uses the Blast Pack, there were no sound of the Blast Pack explosion which made it hard for the players to detect the Agent. So to fix that and make Raze more stabilized/comfortable, the team has added audio to Blast Pack, making Raze balanced.
  • Also, VFX Updates have also been added to her ability, Explosion ad Showstopper for better gameplay.

Viper Changes And Bugs

  • In the new Valorant Patch Notes 2.07 update, the team has also fixed the bugs of Viper where players would not be damaged even after taking her Marshal shots.

Changes In the Quality Of Life

There two changes added in the Quality of Life. And they are:

  • Upgraded ping wheel selection tool is now added to the game
  • Fixed Cyper Tripwires by fixing the team color issues

Changes And Fixes To Several Agents

  • Fixed the issue where the Agent Yoru cannot plant Spike while his ability Dimensional Shift and Gatecrash is either active or used.
  • Fixed the bug issue of Astra where a glitch would appear in Astral Form.
  • Fixed the issue where the Agent Killjoy’s Turret would occasionally get destroyed just from being beside Sage Barrier Orb.
  • Fixed the issue where spycam can no longer be planted by Cyper in the Cyber Cage Projectiles from now on.
  • Fixed the issues with Killjoy’s Alarmbots.
  • Fixed the bug related with Skye’s Guiding Light.

Normal Bugs

  • Fixed the bug where the spectators and observers will no longer see inaccurate/glitched aim in sniper rifles while spectating.

Social Bugs

  • Fixed the bug where players will now get penalty for being offline/AFK.
  • Fixed the issue with the voice chat problems regarding players with Thai Keyboards.
  • Fixed the issue with audio problem that the players with Russian Keyboard would have.
  • Fixed the issues regarding the competitive queue restriction.

Furthermore, there are also multiple competitive bugs, normal bugs and other bugs and issues that has been fixed to the game in the new patch to make it more stabilized and comfortable to play in.

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