Valorant Yoru Buffs are missing in 2.06 patch?

Valorant Yoru buffs are missing in the recent 2.06 patch. Valorant 2.06 patch is one of the biggest changes for the game. This update brought lot’s of agent buffs.

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Valorant Yoru buffs are missing

In this recent 2.06 patch Japanese agent Yoru didn’t got the buffs as it was announced. Game officials said that they are coming with a new update.

Before 2.06 The Japanese agent Yoru was low-powered compared to other agents. Yoru’s main Ability/Ultimate Dimensional Drift was not so effective. Because of this reason, game officials buffed this ability. The unequip time when leaving from dimensional drift reduced to 0.6s from 1.0s. A 40% reduction. But this time was not reduced in the 2.06 patch. Because of this Yoru players are not having fun at all. Because after using the ultimate unequip time is still longer.

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Valorant 2.06 Patch

Valorant 2.06 patch brought lots of in-game changes for some agents. Valorant yoru buffs, Viper buffs, Shotgun Bucky buffs, and a few in-game changes also. However, Yoru buffs were not seen fully in this recent patch. Officials are coming with a fix as soon as they can.

So don’t worry guys. Because in the new update Yoru will be fixed and you can play with his full might. So stay put and play hard.

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