Wattson’s Electric Blue Skin Fixed And Players Got Refunded 1000 Apex Coins Who Bought The Skin Earlier

Credit: Respawn

Wattson’s Electric Blue skin fixed and players got refunded 1000 Apex coins who bought the skin earlier. This skin was added recently to the collection and it had a bug.

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Wattson’s Electric Blue skin fixed

Respawn Entertainment recently added a new skin named Wattson’s Electric Blue skin. This skin had a weird bug. This skin caused her textures to go missing. Respawn fixed this bug as early as possible and as compensation respawn refunded 1000 apex coins to the players who bought the skin that time. The new version of the skin needs to be purchased now. So players who bought the bugged version of the skin are lucky. Because they can play with the new version of the skin and their money is also refunded. So we can say they got that skin for free.

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Apex Legends

Apex legends is one of the most trending battle royale games right now. More than 70 million players play this game around the world. So they got a strong player base. Respawn always tries to keep the game as optimized as it can be. Because if they get late to fix the bugs and taking steps against the cheaters, Players will get annoyed. Respawn doesn’t like this. So they always fix the problems and listens to the players if they are facing any problems or not. After the bug of the new skin players complained about the bug. After solving the issue Respawn refunded the players also who bought the bugged version of Wattson’s Electric Blue skin.

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