Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 2 Details

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 2 is knocking on the door with a bunch of new rewards including new skins, in game currency, experience points, and More. Read the whole article to get everything you need to know about Wild Pass Season 2.

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Wild Pass Season 2 Release Date

The initial update is expected to go live on the 28th of July. The new Wild Rift Patch 2.4 is also be released on the same day.

Wild Pass Season 2 Release Price

As always, there will be again two versions of the Wild Pass. One is the normal version and the other one is the Elite version. The normal version will cost 590 Cores when the Elite version will cost 990 Wild Cores.

The Elite version has the advantage to automatically unlock the first five levels at the beginning. It also offers Elite Missions to boost up your battle pass.

Point to be noted that, 1000 Wild Cores roughly costs about $10.

Wild Pass Season 2 Details

Wild Pass Season 2 will feature a total of 50 tiers of individual content to grind. It also includes some extra bonuses for those who complete all the available tiers. The owner of the Elite pass even gets more missions than usual.

There are some major noticeable changes that can be seen through the Wild Pass.

  1. It will offer more amount of Blue Motes, Poro Coins, and Poro Energy.
  2. There will be more increased amount of free rewards.
  3. You can now buy the Wild Pass to your freinds as a gift.

The battle pass will offer a total of eight missions a week. It will refresh to a new set of missions every Monday of the week.

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