Wonder Woman Fortnite Skin, Wonder Woman Cup, Release Date, Price

Fortnite has recently launched off their latest DC character, Wonder Woman. It brings in the Wonder Woman Cup, loads of cosmetics, and others.

Wonder Woman Fortnite Skin

Starting off on August 19th, Fortnite officially declares the launch of Wonder Woman with the two variants and the Wonder Woman Cup. Apart from that, the bundle will also contain a pickaxe, glider, loading screen, back bling and much more (and of course they will also be available in two variants). Below are the full description and details related to Fortnite Wonder Woman Bundle.

Wonder Woman Fortnite

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Wonder Woman Bundle Details

In total, there are 4 items in the Wonder Woman Bundle and of course, it will also be available in two variants. Returning to the topic, the Wonder Woman bundle will contain the:

  • Golden Eagle Wings Glider
  • Athena’s Battleaxe
  • DC Trinity Loading Screen
  • Diana’s Mantle Back Bling

Wonder Woman Skin Bundle Price

Approximately, the Woman Woman Skin and bundle in total should cost from about 2,400 V-Bucks to 2800 V-Bucks, judging by the Ariana skin bundle.

Wonder Woman Skin Release Date

More specifically, the official popular DC character Wonder Woman Fortnite Skin is said to be released on 19th August 2021 at 8 PM ET.

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Wonder Woman Fortnite Cup

And as usual, the team has also made arrangements for the players to obtain Wonder Woman Outfit and Diana’s Mantle Back Bling beforehand.

Starting off on August 18th, the day before Wonder Woman official’s release, Fortnite will host the Wonder Woman Cup which is a duo tournament as the outfit and back bling as it’s the reward.

Moreover, the duo’s will also be given an additional of 3 hours to complete 10 matches and win as many points as possible to obtain the rewards beforehand. Also, the least performing duo’s that earns eight points or less, an Honorary Amazons Loading Screen as the reward.

Wonder Woman Cup Rules And Participation

And as usual, players are requested to check on the Career tab in-game for further details about the Cup. And also, players must have at least a 30 level or above account and Two Factor Authentication enabled.

Wonder Woman Points Distribution

Besides, each elimination costing 1 point per match, the points are as follows:

  • Winner- 42 Points
  • Second- 36 points
  • Third- 32 Points
  • Fourth- 30 Points
  • Fifth-29 Points
  • Sixth- 28 Points

And the remaining ranking positions in the sequence descending order.

Personal Preview And Opinion

As usual, a brilliant Wonder Woman Fortnite Skin bundle was released by the team. Similar to the Ariana Grande skin, the Woman Woman bundle certainly packs a punch with the duo tournament along with loads of items and to top it off astonishing, beautiful Wonder Woman Outfit.

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