World’s Apart Lifeline Skin Is Added On Fight Night Event- Apex

Apex Legends game has recently announced a skin called ‘World’s Apart Lifeline’. The skin is arriving on January 5, 2021.

Recently, the game has launched their new lifeline skin called ” World’s Apart Lifeline skin” which will arrive in the Fight Night event starting from Jan 5.

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World’s Apart Lifeline Skin

With season 7 and Fight Night event, Respawn is adding a lot of features and others. Certainly one of the most special ones is the World’s Apart Lifeline skin. Finally, Respawn showed the trailer of this skin on Jan 4, Monday. It was the day before the release of the skin. We did not get additional information concerning the skin.

However, what we can see from the trailer is that it’s a female character called Loba. It also has a sort of white-blue colored robot with light-colored aqua in its eyes alongside the character.

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Loba’s Appearance

Apart from that, all we can say is that Loba’s appearance is great. She has a golden cap attached to her head and has white hair.

Furthermore, she has an orange-green and white sort of outfit with a thin, red rope tied around to her legs and a bag behind her back along with 3 electronic devices behind her.Additionally, she also has some kind of circled shape two bags attached to her thighs to her appearance.

So, the skin is going to be released on Jan 5, in the Fight Night event. But will it be good or bad compared with the other Lifeline skins? Let us wait and see till the skin gets released.

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