Microsoft Flight Simulator Launch Time on Xbox – Everything We Know

Microsoft Flight Simulator launched a little later than usual. But now a full breakdown of launch time on Xbox series X and Xbox series S of is Microsoft Flight Simulator now available. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator will soon be available on Xbox series X and Xbox series S. After 1 year of PC debut, Microsoft porting 

It’s groundbreaking virtual aviation to consoles. The same cloud-powered globetrotting experience is also available in this game which is Microsoft’s latest console. This game also has artificial intelligence, leveraging satellite imagery and geospatial data. As a result, this game has an incredible digital replica of the world. 

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The Xbox release of this game brings the complete PC experience to the room. You can visit world-famous landmarks or check your neighbors from up high. The console release evaporated the whole world experience to a standard controller. Both consoles have rock-solid performance. 

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator is almost knocking doors on Xbox series X and Xbox series S. It’s a little bit later than the other launching time.

Release Date of Microsoft Flight Simulator 

This game will launch on July 27 on Xbox series X and also Xbox series S. Its PC debuted in August 2020. Here is the complete list of Microsoft Flight Simulator launch times for different time zones. 

Region/time zoneTime
Los Angeles (PDT)8 am, July 27
Brasilia (BRT)12 pm, July 27
New York (EDT)11 am,  July 27
London (BST)4 pm, July 27
Cape Town (SAST)5 pm, July 27
Paris (CEST)5 pm, July 27
Moscow (MSK)6 pm, July 27
Singapore (SGT)11 pm, July 27
Canberra (AEST)1 am, July 28
Tokyo (JST)12 am, July 28
Wellington (NZST)3 am, July 28

Microsoft Flight Simulator will unlock at 3 p.m UTC for all. Till then we have to play the waiting game.

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