Xbox Live Gold 12 Month Price $120, 1 Month Cost $10.99, 3 Months Cost $29.99 And 6 Months Cost $59.99, UK, USA And Others

So, Microsoft has set up the new subscription price for Xbox Live Gold 12 months, 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month. Get to know the details of the increasing price amount of the Xbox Live Gold.

New Announcement Date

22 January 2021

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For Existing Members Price Update

For Gold Membership Upgrade

For upgrading to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, all the resting Gold Time will turn into Ultimate. And it will be up to 36 months. Suppose you own 7 months of the Xbox Live Gold at this time. Now when you upgrade or renew it to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, no more increased cost will be added.

New Price Xbox Live Gold 12 Months, 6 Months, 3 Months And 1 Month

The new price for a 1-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold is $10.99 USD. 3 months subscription will cost 29.99 USD and 6 months will cost $59.99 USD.

Xbox Live Gold 12 Month

Before the price update, you could get 12 months subscription for $59.99 USD. But now if you take 12 months subscription, it will cost $120 USD. In the USA and UK and other countries, the price will be the same amount according to the USD currency.

However, on Amazon, you can still get a 12-months membership for $59.99 USD. And 24 months membership at Costco costs #94.99 USD.

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To manage your membership, you have to to to your account. Another piece of information is that after 45 days when you get the message, the price amount will be adjusted or updated.

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