Xbox Series X Exclusive Features: Variable Rate Shading

Today Xbox fans have got really hot news from only Xbox Series X. These are Xbox Series X exclusive features that we get only from Xbox and not PlayStation 5. The feature is also available to the Xbox series S.

Xbox Series X Exclusive Features

Yes, Xbox and PlayStation both have really good features and many gamers argue that PlayStation is better than Xbox and vice versa. PlayStation is great, there is no doubt about that. However when comes to raw specification, the Xbox Series X has more features than PlayStation 5.

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Variable Rate Shading

“The variable Rate Shading: is a unique and exclusive feature that is only present in Xbox series devices and not is PlayStation. The Xbox series has hardware VRS (Variable Rate Shading). This is Xbox Series X exclusive Feature. PlayStation and Xbox One also have VRS but not hardware-based VRS. It is software implemented. The software emulation VRS is great but when it comes to hardware-based VRS, the software emulation VRS can never compete with it.

What Xbox developers are saying is that they have implemented tier 2 VRS. It is only available on Xbox Series X and S. PlayStation 5 uses tier 1 VRS which is not based on the hardware level of the console.

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Mesh Shaders and Hardware Acceleration for Machine Learning

And Microsoft did not stop there. They have some other features that are not present in PlayStation 5. One of them is Mesh Shaders. Mesh Shaders incorporate the features of Vertex and Geometry shaders into a single shader stage through batch processing of primitives and vertices data before the rasterizer. Also, they have accelerated hardware inside the Xbox Series X and S consoles for machine learning.

Last but not least, Xbox Series X exclusive features are exceptional but PlayStation features are awesome too. PlayStation also has exclusive features that are not present in Xbox. Whether it is Xbox or PS5 or PC, in the end, it is all about gaming.

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