Yoimiya Genshin Impact, The Second New 5 Star Character’s Ins And Outs

Yoimiya Genshin impact has recently been introduced as a new 5 Star character from Narukami Island and along with her abilities, quests, banner and everything.

Yoimiya Genshin Impact Release Date

On 11th August 2021, Genshin Impact released a new character called Yoimiya. Yoimiya is not only a skilled pyrotechnician from Naganohara Fireworks, but she also is the “Queen of Summer Festival”. And regarding her personality, the team has mentioned it as “Heroic sister” and “Always have a solution to every problem”. Below are the full description of her abilities, quests and others.

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Yoimiya Genshin Abilities

Her abilities startup with a bow weapon adding in a total of 6 abilities and they are as follows:

Genshin Impact Yoimiya Fireworks Flare-Up ability

This ability is quite simple and normal as it performs 5 constant shots with Yoimiya’s bow.

Genshin Impact Yoimiya Charged Attack Ability

A precise bow shot attack with accumulating DMG and flames stored in the arrowhead as its firepower. It also has different effects depending on the time the attack has been stored up for.

  • the first one will shot off the bow attack which will deal with Pyro DMG
  • second one will deal exhausting flamed-up three different arrows to the opponent

Yoimiya Genshin Impact Niwabi Fire Dance And Niwabi Enshou

As Yoimiya is a skilled pyrotechnician, she waves up a sparkler of fireworks resulting in a ring of saltpetre as her barrier and shield.

Furthermore, as stated by the team, Genshin Impact Yoimiya bow attack’s will have Blazing Arrows with increased DMG and also will be converted to Pyro DMG. It is also suggested to be noted that, the Firework Flare-up ability will not work if Yoimiya is out of the field.

Yoimiya Ability Ryuukin Saxifrage

This special ability of Yoimiya Genshin Impact will allow players to jump towards their enemy while firing firework rocket’s in front of the AoE Pyro DMG before finished them off with the Aurous Blade.

Yoimiya Ability Aurous Blade

As we already know, Aurous Blade is Yoimiya’s sword in Genshin Impact. The blade’s abilities work off as a trigger of an explosion that will deal a considerate amount of damage to AoE Pyro DMG. Moreover, there is also a special effect added to this ability which is if an opponent with Aurous Blade attack gets defeated before its attack time-limit, then the effect or damage will proceed towards the next opponent, which is pretty amazing.

Besides, the ability will also be disabled if Yoimiya is down and also Aurous Blade Pyro ability can be activated after every 2 seconds in the Genshin Impact game.

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Yoimiya Genshin Impact Banner

Yoimiya has been joined by Sayu. Sayu is a four-star character in Genshin Impact who is also new. Normally a banner completes with one lead or head character with the other three additional characters. Currently, Yoimiya and Sayu are together but the other two are yet to be revealed.

Yoimiya Story Background And Personality

Apart from being the necessary part of ”Narukami Summer”. Yoimiya Genshin Impact is actually a loving, caring character who will offer a hand and consultation to anyone that is needed by her. Apart from her warm smile and passionate spirit, Yoimiya’s personality at least can be called off “One thing you need in Narukami Summer”.

Yoimiya Father

Besides the Yoimiya Genshin Impact character, talking about Yoimiya’s father, he is deaf, as she discovers it later when she talks about a particular thing or goes into a discussion, her father just simply nods and smiles. Thinking that Yoimiya might simply be brilliant or correct about everything, she laters comprehends that her father is deaf.

Yoimiya Favorite Food

And as for her favourite food, Yoimiya loves to chew off food items from snacks to entrees. As this is her most favourite food, we can often see her eating from stall to stall during the festivals.

And that is all about the new character Yoimiya’s ability, personality, quests, favourite food and whatnot related to her in Genshin Impact.

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